Mavin Records
Yellow Mobile Block Party

Conceptualizing, executing, documenting an event in Copenhagen for the Afrobeats track ‘Calm Down – Rema and Selena Gomez’ by leading Nigeria-based record label

Mavin Records gave us carte blanche to create a 360° project for the celebration of their represented artist’s music, which holds the record for the highest-charting from an Afrobeats lead artist.

In 4 days, NusNus investigated for the best event promoters of their kind, who curated DJs, dancers, and party-enthusiasts and gather them for a sweaty party in a bus and takeover of a firetruck for a Mobile Block Party: in iconic locations over Copenhagen such as Den Røde Plads, Assistens Kirkegård, and Refshaleøen, a vintage bus was shaking on the rhythm of Afrobeats music, led by a firetruck which the guests took as a stage. In between stops, people kept partying in the bus while the temperature was rising alongside the evening.

Event promoter: Maria Paulina
DJs: Lizz B Dope, JVC
Dancers: Amy Sarr, Olivia Sol Anselmo, Rebecca Astrid Kjerstad Sørensen, Ciara Rose Blankenship, Vanessa Ortiz
Videos: Tayf Shaker Wannas
Edit: NusNus
Production: NusNus


  • Communication
  • Event planning
  • Guest management
  • Project management
  • Site specific concepts
  • Technical production