NusNus is a modern culture agency for Public & Private Projects.


NusNus is an idea & event agency – as well as an entrepreneurship that has established 3 leading brands of modern Copenhagen culture.

Since 1998, NusNus explores the limits of mobile events, public space, Copenhagen’s identity, Danish culture, social architecture, sub-cultural lifestyle, street marketing, pop-up, hiphop, pop, choir, techno, rave, classical music, off-location concerts, food, fashion, complex installations and relational aesthetics.

We have lived in that world passionately for more than 25 years. Some people think it is “just a party”, but we believe magic moments give a meaning to life of happening.

NusNus exists to invent, produce, consult, talk, execute on any kind of happening: big or small, intense or poetic, public or private.
Call us now +45 30 25 50 10

“Nus/Nus” means “half/half” in Moroccan slang: Originally for “human/animal” – but it works with everything: old/new, light/dark, real/fake, public/private. 

Vi kan dog også hjælpe med at håndtere helt almindelige projekter.