NusNus is an idea & event agency for both public & private projects.


Since 1998, the NusNus team explores the limits of mobile events, public space happenings, social architecture, sub-cultural lifestyle, street marketing, pop-up culture, off-location concerts, food, fashion, complex installations and relational aesthetics. We play with modern culture, both with our own projects and for customers.

We have lived in that world passionately for more than 25 years: we truly believe magic moments give a meaning to life.

NusNus exists to invent, produce, consult, discuss, promote and execute on any kind of happening: big or small, intense or poetic, public or private.

Call us now +45 40 50 16 12

“Nus/Nus” means “half/half” in Moroccan slang: Originally for “human/animal” – but it works with everything: old/new, light/dark, real/fake, wise/crazy, public/private. 

Vi kan altså også hjælpe med at håndtere helt almindelige projekter.