CPH Open
International skateboarding event

Handling municipality permissions and site production for the internationally acclaimed Copenhagen skate event

Copenhagen Open sought Nus Nus’ assistance to help them with all municipality permissions, building permits and site production for their iconic skate tour through Copenhagen. From Wednesday to Sunday, 7 unannounced but free events were made at cool Copenhagen spots, from Amager Strandpark and Nørrebro’s Guldbergsgade to beneath Knippelsbro and Blågårds Plads.

NusNus took care of all planning and execution for the extensive order of toilets, trash cans, traffic blockade, neighbour communication and cleaning – so Copenhagen Open could do what they do best: making magical gatherings for the international skate community in the middle of Copenhagen.

Photo by Felix Adler for Solo Skate Mag.


  • Event planning
  • Technical production
  • Venue permits