Atelier Aréthuse & Alban Le Henry
“Limo Chair” release

Organising a celebration for a finely crafted chair’s release

In the heart of Copenhagen, just two-minute walk from Kongens Nytorv, we hosted a reception on the terrace of The Socialist – a boutique design hotel, formerly old transformer, for the “Limo chair”.

The luxurious wooden chair is  a creation of Alexandre Aréthuse (Atelier Aréthuse) and Alban Le Henry, who share a passion for creating comfortable, functional, and stylish furniture. The chair’s name comes from the “limonadier,” a French word for a foldable, multipurpose bottle opener daily used in cafes, restaurants, and homes. It is also a nod to the comfortable limousine.

The event was sponsored by ANOUR.


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